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API Reference for Omnipotent v1.2.0

More information can be found on the omnipotent repo.

decorator.ignore(fields, decoratee)

Decorate a component and define props fields that should be ignored by the should component update. This could be values of complex objects such as eventemitters for communicating throuch a channel with parents, callbacks, csps, etc.

Functions passed on ignored fields are reused when unchanged, keeping the implementations/references cross renders.

Require the decorator by doing: js var ignore = require('omnipotent/decorator/ignore'); // or var ignore = require('omnipotent').decorator.ignore;


var struct = immstruct({
  hero: 'Natasha Romanoff',
  ignorable: 'Cain Marko'

var Title = component('View', ({hero, ignore}) =>
  {hero.deref()} vs. {ignore.deref()});

var IgnoredTitle = ignore('ignorable', Title);

function render() {
    IgnoredTitle({ hero: struct.cursor('hero'), ignore: struct.cursor('ignorable') }),

struct.on('swap', render);

// Will update
struct.cursor().set('hero', 'Natalia Romanova');
// Will not update
struct.cursor().set('ignorable', 'Juggernaut');
// Will update
struct.cursor().set('hero', 'Black Widow');


param type description
fields String,Array - Property names to ignore on props
decoratee Component - Component to decorate

Returns Component, React Component, fields, decoratee)

The observer decorator is a very useful one if you need horizontal data dependencies. If you require one of your components to get injected data automatically and update everytime that data changes.

Fields passed to observer should be defined as the following: js { namePassedAsProps: ['nested', 'key', 'path'], anotherNamePassedAsProps: 'shallowKeyPath' }

Require the decorator by doing:

var observer = require('omnipotent/decorator/observer');
// or
var observer = require('omnipotent');


var structure = immstruct({ hero { name: 'Natalia Romanova' } });

var Title = component('View', ({hero}) => {name.deref()});

var ObservedTitle = observer(structure, {
  hero: ['hero', 'name'] // key path in structure
}, Title);


// Update structure and component
structure.cursor('hero').set('name', 'Black Widow');

// Also for things like async fetch
  .then(r => r.json())
  .then(d => structure.cursor().set('hero', Immutable.Map(d));


param type description
structure ImmstructStructure - Immstruct Structure to get references from
fields { name: string/Array } - Object mapping of names and key paths to inject
decoratee Component - Component to decorate

Returns Component, React Component

helper.jsxComponent(displayName, mixins, render)

Helper to create components that are always JSX components. Making it easier to use JSX by default.

Require the helper by doing:

var component = require('omnipotent/helper/jsx-component');
// or
var component = require('omnipotent').jsxComponent;


param type description
displayName String Component’s display name. Used when debug()’ing and by React
mixins Array,Object React mixins. Object literals with functions, or array of object literals with functions.
render Function Properties that do not trigger update when changed. Can be cursors, object and immutable structures


property type description
shouldComponentUpdate Function Get default shouldComponentUpdate

Returns Component, React Component